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About the Story

Ross Michaels is an 18 year old young man who has come to learn, know and follow the voice of God in a way that most never will. This ear leads him on a quest to build one of the top empires in New York City, one loved-one at a time.   Little did he know that his vision of becoming a chef was so far reaching.

In the beginning he thought the Vision was solely put in place to take his life to the next level, when in actuality God was going to put him last in line.  

Good food and art. Music and photography. Creative design, barbering, and rehabilitation of character. All taking place under one roof?  Not to mention William Hatchfield, a New York City steakhouse legend working behind the scenes. Ross follows God's leading to an old building in Brooklyn, New York, and is called to create a hub full of purpose, which he prophesied would become a staple in the Big Apple.   

Homelessness, drug and gang activity, old age and fear are no excuse not to fulfill one's purpose.  At least not in Ross' eyes.  Passion. Young Love. Challenge.  It's all here.

What is The Rich Mind? The mind that has the ability to hear the voice of God, understand it, and then bring forth its thoughts into physical reality through a series of bold, confident and deliberate moves.  It unlocks one's genius potential in Spirit.  Can a Vision that is housed in the mind truly become a reality for the one with the vision, and for the ones they love? Ross thinks so. Ross Michaels has The Rich Mind. Ross Michaels is The Rich Mind. And this is only the beginning of the story; this is only Part I.

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Not only will you enjoy reading this book, it will teach lessons along the way

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About The Author

Kelan Richburg

Kelan is an author and a speaker who has a passion for God and today's youth. He started writing The Rich Mind series after receiving it in a vision while praying about his purpose. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and has a passion for writing and ministry. Follow this series as Kelan speaks to the purpose inside of every reader's heart! 

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